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Best Luxury Inns in Ireland

Travellers to Ireland need not confine themselves to traditional hotels for their accommodation needs in the country. There are other alternatives that are not only more affordable but also gives a kind of authentic feel to the whole tour. Small inns and quaint luxury apartments offer good value for money and a cultural ambience that commercial hotels will never be able to duplicate. Here are some well-known inns and apartments that come highly recommended from travellers: The Merrion is one of the most sophisticated and elegant-looking inns in Dublin. The location alone is one of the most sought-after in the city. Recently its basement was transformed into a restaurant called Guilbaud’s that has been getting rave reviews from connoisseurs. Ireland’s stars, politicians and industry giants, frequent the place. Those who want to pamper themselves a bit can easily afford a one or two-night stay. The Shelbourne is also one of the most popular hotels in Ireland, although it has lost some of its grandeur of late. The inn has a “pubby” atmosphere that belies its elegant façade. It still has a lot of good available rooms though – its Princess Grace Suite is said to be the best in Ireland. Travellers who want to soak up a more modern spirit can try to The Clarence or the Fitzwilliam. Lovers of good food will also find these places excellent choices. Chief O’Neill’s is a great novelty hotel in Smithfield, located behind the law courts and the Jameson Distillery. Lovers of traditional Irish music should consider staying here. Its glass hand basins, on the other hand, are conversation piece fixtures that has lent the place its own stamp of uniqueness. The atmosphere is a mix of Irish and bit of oriental, a strange blend but something that ultimately works. Having chosen your potential address for the duration of your stay, the next step would be to rent a car. Travelling by car in Ireland is the best way to visit the country. Car hire companies have offices in most major districts and getting a car for your travels is hassle-free and affordable.