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Best Car Trip Stopovers, The Ballymakeigh House

Thousands of people visit Ireland’s County Cork every year. They are drawn by its beautiful landcapes and quiet and serene atmosphere—the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you are taking a car trip through Ireland’s County Cork, you can stay at the Ballymakeigh House. Located amidst the rolling farmlands of East Cork, this 18th century farm house is a convenient car drive away from the sandy beaches of the southern coast of County Cork. Ballymakeigh House offers a comfortable, cosy and warm sanctuary in which to relax and rejuvenate during your vacation. The bedrooms provide excellent views of the surrounding farmland, and a spacious flower-bedecked conservatory catches the first and last of the day's sunlight. During summer, the whole house seems washed by the sun, although the homey interiors and friendly hospitality create a warm atmosphere even in the middle of winter. The rooms are attractively furnished and thoughtfully decorated with country accents. Margaret Browne, the owner of Ballymakeigh House, has won an impressive number of awards: Farm Guest House of the Year, Landlady of the Year, Housewife of the Year, even the 'Breaking the Mould of Irish Baking Award'. Such acclaim is not awarded lightly and many past guests of Ballymakeigh would agree heartily with such sentiments. Ballymakeigh House’s convenient location also makes it an excellent base for your car travels through Ireland’s Cork region. It is very near popular tourist attractions such as the Ring of Kerry and Killarney town. If you are interested in taking a car trip through Ireland, you can approach the numerous car hire agencies located in major cities and airports. Hiring a car is one of the best ways of seeing Ireland, since it gives you the freedom to explore the destinations that most interest you. Your car hire agency representatives will be more than happy to help you prepare a personalized car hire itinerary, and provide a list of places like Ballymakeigh House which can serve as a base for your car travels.