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Best Car Trip Destinations Kylemore Abbey

Ireland is famous for its historical sites and attractions, including some of the best castles in Europe and prehistorical diggings. Though some of them are included in commercial tours, the best way to see these attractions is to hire a car. Hiring a car gives you the freedom to personalise your itinerary, and spend as long as you like in each site examining the architectural details or listening to the story behind them from the point of view of the locals. If you are taking a car trip through Connemara, be sure to visit Kylemore Abbey, one of the finest examples of the Neo-Gothic style. It looks like it stepped foot out of a fairytale, standing at the foot of a mountain in Connemara, its tall towers mirrored on the calm waters of the lake beside it. The many battlements, towers and turrets are mirrored in the calm water of the lake. Kylemore Abby is actually considered as the most photographed building in the whole of western Ireland. Now used as a convent, the castle was built around the 1860’s for the Manchester MP Mitchell Henry. It was designed by James Franklin Fuller and Usher Roberts. Henry’s wife fell in love with the location the first time she saw it, and when he acquired the money, he promptly set out to create a dream home for his beloved. Construction of the castle took five years. No cost was spared. It had several reception rooms, a ballroom with a sprung floor, a grand staircase, library, study, ad 33 rooms. Only four bathrooms constructed, but it did include a Turkish bath. Within the castle grounds stand a laundry, dairy, model farm, chapel, saw mill and Gothic Church. Attractions like Kylemore Abbey are not always covered by commercial tours. If you are interested in seeing it, as well as other unique destinations like it, then hiring a car is your best option. You can find numerous car hire agencies in Ireland’s major cities and airports. Car hire agencies can also assist you in developing your itinerary, and give you directions to the most significant tourist attractions. They can also help you find an inn which you can use as a base for your car travels.