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Best Car Trip Destinations Adare Castle

Ireland has hundreds of historical sites and attractions, each of them with their own story to tell. While some of them are included in commercial tours, the best way to see them is to hire a car. This allows you to really examine the details of the sites, listen to the history from the point of view of the locals, and fully enjoy the sense of entering another time, and another place. For example, the Adare Castle in Country Limerick is not a destination that you should rush. This Anglo-Norman fortress is located on the picturesque banks of the Maigue River, and is considered as one of Ireland’s most impressive castles. The castle was built in the 1190s. The original structure consisted of a large square tower enclosed by a D-shaped fosse. The inner ward’s curtain walls were built during 1240, to replace the original wood palisades. The castle was renovated once again in the 15th century. The Adare Castle was owned by the Earls of Kildare for almost 300 years, until the Earl of Desmond seized control of it in a dramatic rebellion in 1536. Forty years later, the Munster Geraldines lost the castle to English troops in a siege that lasted eleven days. Indeed, many brave and passionate men lost their lives in their efforts to take Adare Castle for their own, with major skirmishes occurring in 1579, 1581, and 1600. To hear the heart-stirring stories surrounding Adare Castle, and see for yourself why it inspired so many people to risk their lives to seize (or defend) it, you can hire a car and include it in your car travels through Ireland. You can find numerous car hire agencies in Ireland’s major cities and airports. Car hire agencies can also assist you in developing your itinerary, and give you directions to the most significant tourist attractions. They can also help you find an inn which you can use as a base for your car travels.