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The Art Lovers of Ireland's Angela Woulfe

There are some tourists who are already familiar with the Irish artists and their various arts works as well. In reality, most tourists who follow art religiously would have an idea of the credential of certain Irish artists and actually look for specific works on their behalf for actual viewing. One such artist is Angel Woulfe, a widely acclaimed artist who is best known for specializing in landscapes and town scenes as her main concentration for her works of art. Not only are her painting displayed in various known galleries, but people, especially the avid art collectors, pay good money to actually purchase her works that are available for purchase or sale. It is for this reason that she has a gallery where her works are displayed for viewing, and for the art collecting enthusiasts, an opportunity to purchase the actual works of their choice on display at the Angela Woulfe Gallery in Limerick. Tourists only need to use their rented vehicles from carhire and use them to drive up to County Limerick and start their individual exploration of possible portraits or art works done by the famous painter and pick their prospective purchase for their art works, most of the time one of a kind painting unavailable elsewhere. This is something that separates unique art works from other paintings, the uniqueness and the distinction of being the only one to have such an art work over the rest of art collectors all over the world. In these instances, the value of the paintings become priceless, since being one of a kind, its value cannot be compared to any other, nor reproduction a possibility. A suiting prize for tourists who come on a mission to get such a rare opportunity to bring home to their own homes, a painting that only they can boast to have in their possession.