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The Aran Fisherman in Kilronan, Ireland

Tourists out to go on a mysterious adventure would surely want to check out The Burren located in Galway. Composed largely of stones, walking over these produces a sound like you are actually walking in a large cave, not to mention that feeling of running water below you, this is something that people would love to explore and dare. Mysterious and maybe indifferent at times, the mysteries that lie beneath it shall always arouse the curiosity that most people would have on such places. True enough, this site may not be suitable for the weak at heart, but more on the people who would want to get answers for everything that happens in this world. Another mystery that perhaps puzzles the ordinary mind, is the presence of ancient graves beneath it. Wildflowers complement this part of Galway, Ireland, in a way negating the spooky feeling of probable paranormal activity that is usually associated with unexplainable events. Rented cars from carhire would have to refer to their trusty car parking maps that were provided to get a better overview of the best possible location to part near the spot. Parking at the Burren will be very tough and may extend some problems. This is something that makes it an inappropriate spot, since the limited parking spaces for the tourists, force tourists to either strike them out of their agenda, or would be the last place on their list of sites to see. The rocks that tourists walk on, are actually volcanic stones, corroded with flowers found beside them. Not purposely arranged and designed to be like the way they are at the moment, tourists will get a kick out of it, having a mysterious feeling about the place, but not necessarily to implant a scary feeling over them but rather to make them think, what series of events could have possibly led to the creation and preservation of such a spot.