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An Irish Opportunity to Enjoy and Learn for Children

Preservation is a key in Ireland. This is what best describes this country when it comes to wanting to make a difference and putting due importance on the essence of such monuments. The result is a work of art and a totally priceless return for all their efforts. A fort stands tall from the city limits. This star shaped fort was built in the 17th century after the Battle of Kinsale. This finely built structure covers over 12 acres of land, quite a large area for touring and exploring the location as a whole. Another clear leftover and properly preserved monument, this site has been through a lot for the past years of its existence. Much has transpired and this has virtually made the annals of history, just as most of the other tourist attractions that are still standing from the medieval times. Much to learn and it would be wiser for incoming tourists to request for a tourist guide to be properly informed of the series of events that have transpired during the early times. Otherwise, going there would just like be totally grasping in the dark. Bigger places mean bigger experiences, and in this case, it is not just bout a 12 acre lot one is talking about, but rather on what happened during those times in certain areas of the Charles Fort in Ireland. Other than what had transpired in this place, the overlooking sites still offer more scenery and spectacular views that surround this fort. Kinsale Harbor is one such view from the place and this again brings back memories of the past. Regardless however, such a place would have no meaning if there were not stories behind it. More often, such history enhances the imagination of the people and further enriches what little knowledge they have of history as they actually perceive it.