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An Irish Attraction Star called Charles' Fort

Seafood and oysters. Every country in the world observes certain festivals of sorts. But in Ireland, one such famous festival is the famous Oyster Festival, held annually at the Raddison Hotel. A prestigious event, it is easy to spot. A sight of people usually in their formal suits in black ties and ball gowns. Usually graced by various famous singers and artists, this event is very much given religious preparation measures to ensure a memorable celebration, not only for the local people of Galway, Ireland, but to the various visiting tourists who would be keen on finding out how it is spend and why such an event is spent. Ireland is a country of many festivals, and this one may sound awkward for the unappealing tourist. However, it should be recalled, that this nation puts deep emphasis and arts and prestigious events, as can be seen through their various monumental preservations all throughout the country. Unique events come from the unique Irish population, making them part of historical celebrations of every country. Weird for some, who may not fully understand and define the meaning of proper celebration prowess in some parts of the world, this prestigious event is just one of a series of events, or in this case, festive activities that people celebrate annually. Going in their best dress or suits, make this event seem to be very important and appealing. To the unaccustomed person, one would think something special would be going on for people to give it much attention and preparation, and dressed in their finest at that. However, people celebrate for a reason, sometimes maybe not in line with what other people would not really understand. But the bottom line is they are visiting a different country with different customs. They are free to explore and join in if they feel that such an event is worth giving time.